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Trzebnica Wave

WAVE type panel

WAVE type panel fence is a combination of convex and concave fence panels with the width of 2,000 mm, which, when combined together, create an innovative and decorative panel fence for private property, kindergartens, playgrounds and all institutional buildings, where the aesthetics of the fence is of paramount importance.
The shape of the Trzebnica Wave model, coated with any RAL colour selected by the customer, forms an original and uniquely ornamental landscape element. Our new product is particularly appreciated by demanding customers, who consider their fences a showpiece of their property.
We offer wickets and gates, double leaf and slide gates, for each type of fence panel.
WAVE type panel is also available in galvanized and powder coated variant; customers can choose any RAL colour.

Type A, B and WAVE panel designs have been registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the European Union.

* WAVE type fence panels can be installed only on flat ground

WAVE type panels are recommended for:

  • private property
  • apartment houses
  • playgrounds
  • parking lots
  • institutional buildings

Technical specification of WAVE type panels:

  • diameter of horizontal/vertical wires: Fi 4.0 or 5.0 mm
  • height at the highest point: from H 1100 to H 1700 mm
  • width: 2,000 mm
  • height of the Fi 48 mm post: from H 1400 to H 2400 mm