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Anotis fencing systems include extremely durable fence panels available in various heights and width…

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Arched up (convex) and down (concave) as well as Wave type panel fences manufactured by our company are state of the art and extremely durable panel fencing systems for fencing off residential premises with various shapes of their top sections.
Aesthetic and easy to assemble ANOTIS fences are quick to become the showpiece of your property.
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Top quality panel fencing

Anotis is a leading manufacturer of panel fences, wickets as well as slide and double leaf panel gates. The experience in the production of fences we have gained throughout the last 20 years is the warranty of supreme quality of our services. We specialise in the production of crescent design – arched up, arched down and WAVE type fence panels, which can be supplied with slide and double leaf gates as well as panel wickets. We erect our fences in Poland and abroad, although the majority of our constructions can be found in Wrocław and in the Lower Silesia region.



As we want to meet your expectations and constantly expand the range of offered products, we have introduced WAVE type panel fencing system. We have combined type A convex and type B concave fence panels and thus created an innovative WAVE type fencing system.
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