Offer fencing system

Feel free to browse through the wide range of fencing systems of various types included in our offer. The offer also includes powder coating carried out in our paint shop as well as warranty service and professional consultancy regarding our services. Learn about the details of our offer in the following section.

Our company produces original and unique panel fences and their design is registered in the Patent Office in the Republic of Poland and European Union as well.

Our offer includes the following products:


All panel fences are produced from steel wire 4,0 or 5,0 mm in diameter. They can be powder painted and the client can choose the colour. We offer all RAL colours. What is more each element of the fence is additionally galvanized. Galvanization and powder paint give the best rust proofing of the product and the client can be sure that the fence will be beautiful for years.

We offer electrostatic powder coating services for steel, galvanized as well as aluminium elements. Prior to coating, all elements are chemically cleaned in a state of the art tunnel wash, the erection of which was financed with EU funds.

At our plant, we have two specialist, very well equipped, state of the art coating lines, which support coating of up to 2,200 x 500 x 7,500 mm elements.

The electrostatic powder coating method used in our plant is an advanced coating method conforming to the current market standards. At this point, the technology ensures most effective rustproofing for steel and customers can choose the most suitable colour and shade from a wide selection of available RAL colours.

You can rely on us. We do much more than just sell our products. We offer customer relations which are fundamental to our Company. All our customers receive full warranty support as well as professional consultancy.

Installation elements for fence panels consist of just several simple parts, which makes the installation process quick and very easy. You fence will be erected to stop trespassers in no time at all.